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Are you staying away from Kerala and missing those D-days with your loved ones? It could be a birthday, anniversary, or celebration of any sort that is so important and close to you! Wondering how to surprise them and make them feel your presence. Why delay? We Gift Kerala, the best online gift delivery in Kerala, are more than happy in being part of your happiness and help you deliver your choicest gift at the right time, anywhere in Kerala!

With an experience of over eight years and with over more than 1000 gift options available, we are the right people you can approach at any time. Gifts need that extra touch of love when the person receives them. It should convey the warmth and emotion of the sender. We are here to personalize the gifts for you and get them delivered. 

We have a dedicated team who makes sure that your gift reaches your loved ones on time.

Our Products

Flowers and chocolates are the most common gift items preferred. Keeping this in mind, we started our business by delivering a variety of flowers – be it roses, orchids, lilies, carnations, gerbera, and other seasonal flowers available to add beauty to the occasion. You must be wondering about the freshness and quality of flowers. You need not worry about that. Our florists’ experts, who have experience for more than 10 years will make attractive bouquets, bunches and do flower arrangements most uniquely. We have a wide supply chain of options that help choose the required flowers. 

We also have a team of best bakers from Kerala and a dedicated delivery team who will make cake gifting a unique and hassle-free gift option – for weddings, anniversaries, valentine’s day, Christmas, New Year, Father’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Friendship Day and any other special occasion. Celebrating a special moment at the stroke of 12 is something even more special and we also undertake midnight cake delivery -again anywhere in Kerala.

Many people prefer the flower and cake combo and we get a lot of orders for this. It is equally beautiful and economical. 

If you want to give a traditional and Kerala touch to your gifts, come and explore our gifting categories like Kerala kasavu mund and sarees, brass lamps, Kerala chundan vellam, Kerala nilavilaku, Kerala brass kindi, mural print sarees, and other authentic Kerala items. We can also customize these gift items and send them across. 

We also have organic items such as fresh and dried fruits. If your loved one is a plantaholic, we will help you with delivering live plants and fruit trees.

Our professionalism and credibility

Since we are an online platform, you will be having many apprehensions on how credible we are, our refund policy, if we will deliver undamaged products, we guarantee you 100% professionalism in this regard. As soon as the gift is delivered you will receive a gift notification message. The strong delivery network across Kerala ensures a 2487 customer service spanning across all the districts of the State. 

You can cancel the product 24 hours before the delivery date. We will refund the number of gifts if there is damage or defect. Our mail id wegiftkerala@gmail.com and the phone number 91 81118 27745 (call between 8.00 am to 8.00 pm and any day) are always active and our representatives will get back to you. Log onto our website https://wegiftkerala.com/, get in touch with us and make your special day with loved ones more colorful and festive!


Express your love the right way

on this Valentine’s Day


Send Gifts to Kerala

February is a month dedicated to celebrating love. The 14th of the month is when you celebrate love in its full vigour. Can we imagine Valentine’s day without gifts? The beauty of love multiplies when expressed and shared. Which day is better than Valentine’s day? Gift your valentine most uniquely and romantically by showering your love on them.

With the influx of metro culture, Kerala has now gone a long way from its conservative shield. It is not only in big cities like Kochi, Trivandrum ad Kozhikode, but the day is celebrated even in some towns and villages – from school students to elderly couples. And now, the influence of social media has made people feel incomplete without celebrating Valentine’s day.

Let us look at some of the top gift choices available! Flowers, especially the rose, are the best gift option. Who does not love to gift a bouquet to their loved ones? The most romantic yet least expensive gift would be a bunch of roses and wait to see the glow on your Valentines’ face. Have you thought of combining this with a bar of chocolates? Yes, it would be one of the best gift combos.

A perfect treat for the heart and stomach! There are also high demands for heart-shaped cakes. No woman would say no to wearing jewellery. And what if it is a heart-shaped pendant? Not only chains and lockets, but you can also buy a couple of rings and earrings. Pillows are said to be comfort material or friends in one’s most private spaces. Imagine seeing your loved one’s photo on a pillow? Yes, go for personalized pillows where photos can be printed most romantically. LED pillows are also available in the market. There are not just pillows, but you can have a couple of photos imprinted in mugs, key chains, engraved photo frames, showpieces, and many more. 

Wondering what to gift your beau? The choices are not as affluent as gifting her. But the options are also not less. Perfumes allure men and women equally. Men love the two have Ws – Wallets and watches. Personalized wallets are also available. Customized keychains and beer/wine bottles are other options. There are also great demands for chains and bracelets. You can also gift a scrapbook that will serve as a couple of diaries or a mini photo album keychain where your we-times will be etched forever.

You can call it a day by having a couple of dinners, preferably a candlelight dinner. Kerala is blessed to have many seaside restaurants that can add to your mood. If you are a hilltop person, you can book a restaurant there. There is no scarcity of such places and restaurants with a cozy ambiance in Kerala. It would also be the ideal place to break your surprise gifts. 

Visit our site, https://wegiftkerala.com/ to send gifts to Kerala for your loved ones. We have 24*7 customer service where you can contact us for delivering gifts anywhere in Kerala. We Gift Kerala is the best online gift delivery in Kerala. 

Bring Luck to You!

Online Gift D

Have you heard of Lucky Bamboo? You might have! Yes, it is one of the low-maintenance interior plants. Yet another interesting aspect of this plant is the belief in its power to change their life. Yes, for years, it is believed that this plant can bring you good luck and prosperity in all areas of your life if placed in your house or business. However, to achieve greater results, you must first know the hidden meanings surrounding the number of stems on a lucky bamboo plant. 


The one-stemmed lucky bamboo indicates reality or responsibility. One stem is identified with straightforward things. Although presenting one stem of bamboo is not very popular, you must bring this to your location if you want the truth to triumph. The number two is a lucky number as per Chinese beliefs. The two stems of lucky bamboo are generally presented to lovers or as a wedding gift to nesting pairs. So, from a broader perspective, two represent love. According to Chinese thought, three symbolizes happiness. A three-stemmed bamboo plant represents a longing for a fresh start. So, if you are looking for a birthday or New Year present, this plant arrangement would suffice.

As we all know, nature is made up of five elements like the air, water, earth, fire, and wood. It is believed that when all these are in agreement with one another, then happiness, success, health, money, and other aspects of life will emerge. As a result, five stems of fortunate bamboo symbolize balance, serenity, harmony, and power. Have a five-stem bamboo plant at your home or office if you want to be successful in life. It will assist you in attaining all of your objectives while maintaining a happy attitude.


According to Feng Shui traditions, the number six represents blessings. A six-stem bamboo plant plays an essential part in attracting more happiness in life, success in business or professional activities, and harmony at home. The placing of seven bamboo stems in your relationship might increase emotional intimacy. The presence of seven stems denotes a sense of belonging. So, if you wish to succeed in a joint business or a collective effort, bring a lucky bamboo plant with seven stems.


In Asian and Chinese culture, the number eight represents immense riches and happiness. In China, the concept is so strong that most business owners desire to use the number 8 in their addresses, phone numbers, building floors, and even business names. Bringing eight stems of the fortunate bamboo plant can also bring you enormous riches, wealth, and joy in life.


According to Indian numerology, the number nine is known as God’s number. A nine stem lucky bamboo can help you bring good fortune to every aspect of your life. Here are the secrets behind other numbers. Let’s have a look! A lucky bamboo with 21 stems represents harmony and success whereas, the one with 88 stems represents a doubling of joy. A plant with 99 stems represents long-time relationships.


Have you any missing numbers? Yes, we have missed out on number 4. There is a reason for it. According to Chinese belief, the number four represents death and bad warning. This number is frequently omitted from the sequence of numbers in many high-rise buildings. A bamboo plant with four stalks is harmful to one’s success in life, which is why you won’t find any bamboo plants with four stalks in it.


If you notice that your efforts are not being recognized or appreciated sufficiently, then something is missing. You’ll need to find a good balance of positive energies. Placing the lucky bamboo plant in your house brings good luck and happiness. We Gift Kerala, the best online gift delivery in Kerala, has various stems of the lucky bamboo plants to bring you immense wealth and happiness. 


X'mas Tree Decor Idea Is Here Plan it now

Xmas Tree Decor Ideas

Christmas is approaching, which means it is time to decorate the halls, adorn the Xmas tree with decorations, and make things shine and glow. The most joyful action that promotes cheer is putting up a Christmas tree. Are you a professional tree decorator? Do not worry if you are not one! We have got some fascinating and fun filled decor suggestions for you to attempt along with us. Let us together bring in freshness and positivity. Here are some tips from the pros on how to decorate your Christmas tree.

Get a basic evergreen tree and decorate it with lovely red, gold, green lights, and round ornaments. When it comes to hanging ornaments, there are no strict guidelines. As a result, you have the freedom to conduct various tries. Simply make sure the decorations aren’t dangling from long strings. The idea is to make the decorations look as if they are blooming from the branch. You can add the big decorations by tucking them into the tree. 

Ribbons are a great way to decorate anything. For a long time, this has been one of the most popular Christmas tree decoration ideas because it has a plain, classy, and stylish look. To shape and style your Christmas Tree, you can use ribbons of various types. By layering the ribbon and adding a unique final touch, you may enhance the look of your work. Next fill in the gaps with Christmas garlands, twigs, or pearls. 


Make everything colourful and adorable! Add some bright Christmas balls, delicate snowflakes, fairy lights, and gold stars to make it enormous. The tree will not only look cute but will also sit comfortably on the top. 


If you are new to it here is a simple trick, maintain a simple approach. This Christmas tree decoration idea would be perfect if you prefer to keep things simple. It also saves both time and money. A simple collection of ornaments and a simple set of ornaments will keep your Christmas tree lovely, cute, and glam. You can also adorn your Christmas tree from top to bottom with vintage toys and similar stuff. We Gift Kerala, one of the best online gift delivery in Kerala, has unique Christmas gift and celebration ideas. Christmas is always a joyous occasion. Enjoy every moment with We Gift Kerala!



                       Anniversary gifts to wow your wife

Best Online Gift Delivery in Kerala

Do you know the most memorable days in a man’s or woman’s life? Yes, it’s the wedding day! It’s even more special to commemorate the wedding day every year. It is the day when you can recollect all of the happy and sad times you have shared with your sweetheart. We Gift Kerala is the top online gift delivery in Kerala, and we have put up a list of the best wedding anniversary presents to wow your wife.

Make this day even more memorable by planning a surprise anniversary gift for your wife. Are you stumped as to where to begin your search for an anniversary present ideas for your wife? We Gift Kerala is constantly available to assist you with your gifting.

Here are some ways to impress your wife with the perfect wedding anniversary gift, and we’re confident she’ll shower you with hugs and kisses.

  • Personalized Gifts are the best choice!

There is always a personalized present for a wedding anniversary, let it be the first, fifth, or fiftieth. Have you thought about elegant personalized bangles for your first anniversary? It’s a great one if she loves wearing them. LED photo cushion is a good option for your fifth anniversary. For a ten-year of togetherness celebration, a personalized magic mirror is perfect. When it is your silver jubilee, a gifting idea for your wife is a personalized rotating lamp. A photo book is the perfect one for the golden jubilee.

  • Chocolate Gifts

There are no words to describe the lovely taste of delectable chocolate melting in our mouths. You can give your beloved wife a chocolate gift basket for her anniversary or put together a personalized Cadbury chocolate hamper with her favourite chocolates. Chocolate bouquets are the perfect ones. These chocolate bouquets are delicious and lovely, and they’ll blow her mind.

  • Try it with petals

When it comes to relationships, flowers are one of the most timeless gifts. Send roses in a heart shape arrangement to her with a happy anniversary note. Orchid flowers basket, white lilies, mixed roses bouquet, or select any of her favourite flowers. These are some other floral presents to consider.

  • Soft Teddy Bears

Are you away from your better half owing to your or her work schedule? You may give her life-size soft toys as a present. Soft toys keep your affection near to her, and she can even confide in them about her darkest secrets. Soft teddy bears for wives on anniversaries are available in varied shapes, sizes, and colours.

  • Lip smacking Cakes

Any pleasant event is made better with a tasty cake. On this anniversary, use Pinata cakes and make your wife jump with joy. Pinata cakes are beautiful, delicious, and full of surprises. Photo cakes, tier cakes, rainbow cakes, five-star cakes, and fondant cakes are other gifting options for wedding anniversary cakes. For all of these options, you can have heart-shaped anniversary cakes.

  • Dress and Accessories

Are you visiting to surprise her? Order lovely gowns and accessories such as jewellery, a gorgeous purse, sunglasses, or a lady’s watch. Make plans for a candlelight meal at home or a luxury restaurant for her. You can also spice things up by spending the night in a fancy hotel.

We Gift Kerala, the best online gift delivery in Kerala, has a variety of anniversary presents for women, ranging from greeting cards to cakes, flowers, and personal items. To send a wedding anniversary gift for your wife from anywhere in the world, choose from these astonishing and romantic gift options. Our delivery network will ensure that your love arrives on time.



     Get to Know Five Unique Gifting Ideas for Men!

Online Gift Delivery in Kerala

Men are always difficult when it comes to gifting! It’s been a humongous task to find that perfect gift for the man, let it be your boyfriend, brother, dad, grandfather, husband, or son. Year after year, gifting the same trusted gifts like shirts, perfumes, or cufflinks is boring. So let’s look into a few unique gifting ideas for the man in your life.

  1. Ladies are not the only ones interested in looks and makeup. Even guys do like pampering themselves with some classic men’s beauty treats. There is an evident trend in the rise of masculine makeup and grooming, which has helped many men’s exclusive brands like Formen, Glossier, Tomford, etc. So if you are looking for a very classy and unique gifting idea, this one is perfect!

  2. Does he love partying? Then portable Bluetooth speakers are the best choice for him. There are many brands with different features to add on with this compact power pack speaker. There are speakers with the best features like small-sized to powerful, voice control, water resistance, rechargeable battery, visual effects, and durability. These are undoubtedly unique. So buy brand new portable Bluetooth speakers as your gift for him to dance on his favourite tracks.

  3. Books are always a great choice for gifting. You can always discover great books for him, no matter what his age is. Numerous online gift shops also sell books, making life much easier these days. If he enjoys reading, an autographed copy or a new release will be sure to please him.

  4. Is your special one a travel sfreaks? Then a surprise travel plan or a staycation will be a kind of great gift for him. Though it’s a bit tricky to do a travel plan as a surprise, you can always find a way to make things happen! If you couldn’t book a trip for your travel enthusiast, there is a lot of goodies that will be the favourite pick for him. From travel gadgets to skincare to travel accessories, the list goes on. So it’s pretty cool to have a travel-loving guy around when it comes to gifting him.

  5. Last but not least on the list is personalized gifts. It can be anything but make it customized just for your loved one. Nothing can be special as that moment when someone gifts you a personalized gift just meant for you.

    There are many online gift shops these days, making gifting an easy task. Online gift delivery like wegiftkerala.com is a plethora of gifts perfect for your need. Get into them and avail of their same-day delivery and mid-night delivery services for a remarkable gifting experience.